We have made a profit, yet why is there no money in the bank?

As business advisors, this is perhaps the most common question we get asked by business owners.  To understand why, it’s important to understand the difference between profit and cash.

As an Accountant, it’s hard to go past explaining this without using a formula! In simple terms;

Profit = Total Income, minus Total Expenses

15th November 2013 - Maxim Breakfast

Maxim Breakfast and Website launch.

What Should I Be Doing in Tougher Economic Times?


There seems to be a continuing “gloom of negativity” around the business world, and it is now some 5 years post the on-set of the GFC of 2008!

Why don’t I have any time?

We are all time-poor in business, right? Administration functions for government, such as tax, super, workers’ compensation insurance and many more, make business life challenging. Then there is looking after customers and staff, while trying to grow your business at the same time. Throw in family responsibilities, health and fitness, and your ‘time bank account’ is generally overdrawn.

Effective Leadership


What is leadership?

We consider leadership to be taking ownership of what’s going on for you and your business. Effective leaders settle on what it is they are going after, and become committed to making it reality. It’s not only the recipe for success in business, but more importantly, success in life itself.

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