Maxim Monthly Market Insights - July 2015

  • The Australian economy has many headwinds but employment is NOT one of them. That means the economy is not as weak as many believe.

  • It’s been a volatile few weeks in markets with troubles in Greece and the Chinese stock market. Things may be settling but there are troubling implications for global markets and the Australian economy

2015 Tax Planning Strategies

1 | Concessional Superannuation Cap

The concessional (“tax deductible”) superannuation cap for 2015 is $30,000 per year for those who were under 50 during the year and $35,000 for those aged 50 to 74. Super Funds take a few days to process contributions to your account so don’t leave it to 30 June to make your final contributions!

What does the annual wage increase mean?

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) last week announced a 2.5% increase to minimum wages.  Following this announcement they have this week issued draft determinations detailing how this decision impacts individual awards.

Maxim Monthly Market Insights - June 2015

Australian GDP in Q1 was strong. But there is plenty of devil in the detail which means the RBA retains a firm easing bias.

The fall in stocks on the ASX continues with the market now down a little more than 8% from the peak just 5 weeks ago.

The Impact of Severe Weather Conditions on Business

Last week we experienced extreme weather conditions, the severity of such not seen since June 2007 (Pasha Bulka). The damage and carnage that this has caused is horrendous with the ultimate sadness, loss of life. Our thoughts are with all affected.

Maxim Monthly Market Insights - Greg McKenna

  • The Australian economy might finally be responding to historically low rates with signs that low rates and the wealth impact of higher property and stock prices may be gaining traction.
  • Perhaps that’s why the RBA left rates on hold again in April, but retained an easing bias.

Seven Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living

Wow, what a title! Recently I read a book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” The book was simply about a criminal lawyer from America that had a heart attack in his middle age and had to make a decision as to whether he would continue on at his profession, or live a healthier life.

Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

The process of developing a meaningful and practical strategic plan has challenged many SME owners. To even have a clear vision of what the business goals are, is often easier said than done.

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