Is keeping a logbook driving you around the bend?

We all know that recording a valid logbook for work & business travel is the key to maximising your car deductions and minimising your employee fringe benefits tax implications. But is keeping a paper logbook or even utilising a mobile App driving you around the bend?

$2,000 up for grabs for small employers

If you're a small employer adding to your workforce, the NSW Government wants to give you a helping hand.

Maxim Monthly Market Insights - October 2015


Maxim Monthly Market Insights

  • Malcolm Turnbull might have timed his run at the lodge perfectly as business conditions improve and the Australian dollar supports the economy.

Growth prompts new appointments at Maxim

Newcastle’s Maxim Accounting has expanded its business by reintroducing Scott Norrish as a Director. Maxim has also recently added four qualified Client Managers, strengthening its reputation as one of the leading business advisory firms in the Hunter.

SMSF lending

All banks tipped to exit SMSF lending if restrictions proceed

Source: SMSF Adviser

An industry broker has warned a ban on personal guarantees for limited recourse borrowing arrangements by the government could see all institutions completely exit SMSF lending.

Maxim Monthly Market Insights - July 2015

  • The Australian economy has many headwinds but employment is NOT one of them. That means the economy is not as weak as many believe.

  • It’s been a volatile few weeks in markets with troubles in Greece and the Chinese stock market. Things may be settling but there are troubling implications for global markets and the Australian economy

2015 Tax Planning Strategies

1 | Concessional Superannuation Cap

The concessional (“tax deductible”) superannuation cap for 2015 is $30,000 per year for those who were under 50 during the year and $35,000 for those aged 50 to 74. Super Funds take a few days to process contributions to your account so don’t leave it to 30 June to make your final contributions!

What does the annual wage increase mean?

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) last week announced a 2.5% increase to minimum wages.  Following this announcement they have this week issued draft determinations detailing how this decision impacts individual awards.

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