Common Frustrations in Business - Part 1

The question I often ask business owners is…. Do you have any frustrations in business? Normally the response I receive includes at least two of the following:

- Cashflow.
- Staff.
- How do I grow my business?
- Work/life balance.

Let’s explore these a little more and look at what actions can be taken to reduce any frustrations.

Maxim Monthly Insights - July 2017

• The RBA remains cautiously upbeat about the Australian economy at the present time and into the future. It held rates at 1.5% again in July with the governor’s statement reflecting this optimism

Every Business owner needs to know - The difference between profit and cash

If I had collected “2 bob” from every good customer who has posed the question; “where has my profit gone?” …well, I’d have quite a few extra dollars.

I’d often sit with these mostly fledging business owners and run through their trading results. When we’d get to the net profit outcome, “THAT” question would be posed.

cafe, newcastle, success, KPI

KPI's for Newcastle's Cafe Coming of Age

With the revitalisation of Newcastle in recent years, we’ve seen a growing number of cafés opening their doors around town and our suburbs. Novocastrians have embraced the crema and aromas; some even say we’re coffee snobs. But what makes one café buzz long-term while another falls flat?

Time Out of Mind - 'Toomy'

The Maxim team is currently racing a 3-year-old thoroughbred called Time-Out-Of-Mind, colloquially named “Toomy” in the office.

Toomy’s first race win gave a huge boost to the syndicate “Owners”.

Maxim Appoint Second Senior Financial Planner

Maxim Private Clients (MPC) has recently announced the appointment of Alex Jenkins as Senior Financial Planner.


Following on from the emergence over the weekend of a huge ‘ransomware’ attack which impacted over 150 countries, we have been made aware of another fake email scam targeting digital signature software DocuSign.

As users of this software, we are writing to make you aware of the fake emails, and assist you in identifying what is and isn’t an authentic email.

2017 Federal Budget Summary

This article provides a summary of information announced in the 2017 Federal Budget which may be of interest to you. 

Please note that many of these announcements are yet to be legislated, and care should be taken before implementing a strategy based on Budget announcements alone.

Another Great Aussie Sport! Padding the Tax Claims

With 30 June fast looming, the “Pre-season” for Australia’s most favourite sport, yes, even greater than Cricket or football, … “padding the tax claim” is on everyone’s mind.

Those who push the envelope too far need to beware!

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structures - Does yours fit?

Tax Efficient? Wealth Protection?

Have you ever ordered something online that didn’t quite fit?

Can the same be said for your existing business structure? Many business owners either inherit, are limited by start-up cashflow, or have simply just received inadequate advice when establishing their business or group structure.

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