Key Business Lessons Learned from the Smithink 'Young Guns' Workshop

Earlier in the year, I was given the opportunity to speak at the Smithink Young Guns Workshop, a two-day conference for young(ish) accounting professionals held at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise.

Maxim Monthly Insights - September 2017

• The Australian economy is showing signs of strength with solid economic growth in Q2 and continued solid prints for the NAB’s business survey pointing to a continuation of this economic strength.

The Importance of Scale

Businesses that do not grow their revenues to achieve the appropriate “scale” will always struggle to provide the appropriate financial return to the business owner to reward the inherent risk of business.

This need for scale is universal across all business types or industries, even businesses that target “niche”, or higher margin markets.

2017 Lower Hunter Business Confidence Survey

Following the success and feedback from last year’s research and event, we have again commissioned a business research project from well-known demographic researchers and analysts, McCrindle Research.

business benchmark

Is mine as big as yours?

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. How we look, what we own, and how successful we are. The same applies to business.

Business owners are curious: is mine as big as yours? How does my business stack up against the industry?

Hunter Young Gun - Cassandra Sharp

Recently, newly appointed Partner at Maxim, Cassandra Sharp was featured by Hunter Headline as the Hunter Young Gun for the month of August. Below is the featured article, and please click here for the full interview and video. Great job Cass!

Common Frustrations in Business - Part 2

In Part 1, I mentioned two of the four common frustrations in business, namely cashflow and staff. The other two common frustrations I hear are ‘How do I grow my business’, and ‘Work/life balance’.

Common Frustrations in Business - Part 1

The question I often ask business owners is…. Do you have any frustrations in business? Normally the response I receive includes at least two of the following:

- Cashflow.
- Staff.
- How do I grow my business?
- Work/life balance.

Let’s explore these a little more and look at what actions can be taken to reduce any frustrations.

Maxim Monthly Insights - July 2017

• The RBA remains cautiously upbeat about the Australian economy at the present time and into the future. It held rates at 1.5% again in July with the governor’s statement reflecting this optimism

Every Business owner needs to know - The difference between profit and cash

If I had collected “2 bob” from every good customer who has posed the question; “where has my profit gone?” …well, I’d have quite a few extra dollars.

I’d often sit with these mostly fledging business owners and run through their trading results. When we’d get to the net profit outcome, “THAT” question would be posed.

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