Time Out of Mind - 'Toomy'

The Maxim team is currently racing a 3-year-old thoroughbred called Time-Out-Of-Mind, colloquially named “Toomy” in the office.

Toomy’s first race win gave a huge boost to the syndicate “Owners”.

Trained by Kris Lees at Broadmeadow, our “investment” in the 5% share was only around $5k! Our employees all make small fortnightly contributions to train and maintain the horse. All prize money won goes back to the racing syndicate.

As the “Capital” to purchase the share was funded by Maxim, any capital proceeds will come back to the business if “Toomy” turns into Kingston Town or Pharlap (noting that as a “boy horse”, he can’t turn into Black Caviar or Winx!)

If you have an interest in providing something like this to lift team morale and bonding, give me a call.

Please note that this strategy SHOULD NOT be construed as “INVESTMENT ADVICE”.




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