Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

The process of developing a meaningful and practical strategic plan has challenged many SME owners. To even have a clear vision of what the business goals are, is often easier said than done.

Too often as small businesses owners we feel like we are on the treadmill, working from day-to-day, dealing with the very real issues of competition, employees, cash flow, liquidity, technology. . . need I go on?

The two words of meaningful and practical are, to me, the key words to ensure we actually achieve the goals that we set for our businesses... and ourselves. Yes, your business goals and personal goals are  intrinsically linked.

In my life as a business advisor this challenge of developing a strategic plan that aligns both business and personal goals is frequently encountered.

To assist our clients, we have built a common sense strategic process designed to help us work with our clients to establish the strategies that achieve their goals, . . . both business and personal.

The Maxim strategic process is a simple 4 step execution.  The process is set out using simple diagrams.  Click the picture below to view the entire document.

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Rocket surgery? . . . Obviously not!


Practical, meaningful, and common-sense is the objective.


STEP 1: In simple terms, we need to step away from the day-to-day, and take stock of where we actually are.

STEP 2: With this new-found clarity, we then need to ponder where we really want to get to. Ensuring a dose of reality at this point in the process is always valuable.

STEP 3: With your  goals visualised, the challenge is to devise the actions or initiatives to be adopted.

STEP 4: Now for the implementation or execution!


Without implementing the initiatives we will stay in the same rut. Setting the goals, documenting the actions required, and importantly, measuring results against the targets set is crucial.

If you are interested in working through this strategic process with us, call us to discuss the prospect.

Aligning your personal and business goals, and then helping you achieve them, is one of the service offerings that set us apart from other accountants and business advisors.


by Chris Sneddon

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