Essential Business Leadership Attributes. . . Advisory Board Solution?

In my recent cyber trawling I read an article authored by Bernard Marr on attributes of leaders in business.

I mostly agree with Bernard’s’ opinion pieces, and commend his posts to you. Read some of Bernard’s opinions @BernardMarr.

In this post, Bernard opined that the DNA of a leader is best composed if there is a mix of personality types and skill sets.

Firstly, a Dreamer. Usually the company founder or CEO. The dreamer requires vision and passion and the ability to inspire and lead. Often this personality type does not do well with the details of numbers, processes & finance.

Secondly, there is the need for the Number Cruncher, or detail person. These people are often introverts who love the detail, and are great at “the doing”. Rarely do these people enjoy the leadership or inspiration roles needed in any business.

Thirdly, Bernard refers to the Accomplisher. This is the ‘doer’, the person who ensures tasks are completed, who hold others accountable and implement the efficient systems ensuring they are consistently applied.

I am sure as SME owners, we all have varying levels of proficiency in each of the vision, number crunching and implementation attributes. But are they all your strengths, or is there deficiency in some facet for you?

I know I am stronger in some competencies than others. (I’m not real good with numbers! Ha ha)

So what do you do  if there are the limited human resources in your small business?

The first step is to obviously identify the personal attribute or skill that would best complement your own strengths. Awareness is the key.

Once you have diagnosed the deficiency, and strategised the need for the skill/attribute additive, you can obviously look to recruit (employ) the desired skill or personal attributes.

Again, with the constraints of small businesses, the financial impost of recruiting a full time employee of sufficient skills and experience may prove financially unattainable.

This is where the prospect of recruiting a board (either legal or advisory) to complement the leadership of the business may be a wise strategy to consider.

This part-time concept, where fees are paid for the skill, experience and vision, of very competent people can be the perfect fit. The periodic input still allows the strategic vision and skills, without the weekly cost.

essetial_business_practices.jpgIf you don’t have access to a network of skilled and experience of entrepreneurs and professionals, our Maxim network may be able to assist. Call us to enquire if you think that this could be the solution to your leadership needs, to see your business grow to it’s next level.

Written by Chris Sneddon

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