2016 - The year of change!

The 2017 financial year has well and truly kicked off. I've taken a moment to reflect on the year of change that was 2016. 

While it may not have been obvious on the outside, the team inside the Maxim office experienced a lot of changes during 2016. We changed our entire practice management software, tax software, document management system, corporate secretarial software, superannuation software, accounting software, working paper systems and workflow management system. In addition to this we welcomed a new director in Scott Norrish and welcomed Scott’s clients to the Maxim family. 2016 also saw the addition of new managers and staff to the Maxim team.

That’s quite a lot of change in one year! Did we survive? You bet we did!

Change is ever present in the world and poses a big challenge to business. How did we do it? The key was in planning and communication.

Planning and communication starts from the top. The Directors and Managers engaged with our team, and with a positive culture, knowledge was shared and we worked together to ensure these changes made our Maxim world better.

If you would like help with change in your world, let’s talk. Give our team at Maxim a call today on 4925 1000.

Written by Courtney Dolan, Client Manager



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