$2,000 still up for grabs!

If you're a small employer adding to your workforce the NSW Government wants to give you a helping hand.

The Small Business Grant is still on offer for businesses who currently do not pay Payroll Tax and is a sister program to the existing Jobs Action Plan for larger employers. If your business is creating new jobs in NSW you're entitled to $2,000. It's pretty much as simple as that!




How many boxes can you tick?

o Payroll < $750,000 p.a. and not paying NSW Payroll Tax
o You create a new position and fill it, any time between July 2015 and June 2019, for work mainly in NSW
o That new position and employee is maintained for at least 12 months
o Your workforce increases and is maintained for those 12 months

It's that simple and there's no strings attached. The NSW Government wants to give you money!

It's a great incentive for the nearly 650,000 small businesses in NSW and helps ease the costs that occur when putting on someone new.  The Hunter region in particular and NSW as a whole can benefit greatly from new employment opportunities.

To find out how you can claim the $2,000 Small Business Grant or the $5,000 Jobs Action Plan contact Maxim Accounting & Business Advisors on 4925 1000 today!


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