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Our take on recent market volatility

October 2018 has seen the ASX 200 fall sharply declining by -5%, with over half of that fall occurring yesterday Thursday 11th October.  The biggest factor causing this fall has been a major sell off in US stocks overnight particularly in the US tech companies such as Facebook, driven by the prospects of US interest rate rises and fears over a trade war with China.

Why is Succession Planning so Important?

Put simply, a succession plan is having a plan for your eventual exit of the business.

We don’t always get the chance to decide exactly when we leave our business. It may come as a result of sickness, illness, a relationship break-down, or many other reasons. If we don’t have a plan we may need to make one on the fly, or worse still, be dictated by someone else making one for us.

Maxim Economic Insights

• Consumer and business confidence have both been hit over the past month after the political turmoil in Canberra, as house prices continue to fall, and as trade war rhetoric continues globally.

Meet Erin Marney, the Newest Member of the Maxim Team

In her role as Operations Manager, Erin is responsible for overseeing all of our internal operations and procedures, as well as keeping the office running smoothly.

Erin previously worked for the Hunter Business Chamber and brings with her over 20 years of experience in administration, events and marketing. She is passionate about relationship building, technology and community.

Life insurance, protect, family

Life Insurance

As the old saying goes, there are two certainties in life: death & taxes. If these things are certainties of life it makes sense that every person should have two things: a good accountant & life insurance. If you are reading this currently, odds are you already have a great accountant but what is less certain is you having the correct amount of life insurance.

Don't risk losing your money machine

Imagine a scenario where you went to the store and came across a machine that was able to produce income worth tens of thousands of dollars for 50+ years, how much do you think something like that would cost? Well in this hypothetical scenario you get one for free!

Tax Planning: Being proactive will save you!

Have you done your homework? For those clients who've already had your 2018 tax planning meeting, or who are currently meeting your Maxim advisor, this is the time to refresh on those action plans. What do you need to do before 30 June, to lock in those tax savings?

Superannuation contributions for staff

Maxim Market Insights by Greg McKenna

• Australia’s economy grew 1% in the March quarter and 3.1% for the year to March 2018. Respectively, that’s the best quarterly growth rate since 2011 and best year on year rate since June 2016. That rate of growth was better than economist or the RBA forecast.

Success is what you make it!

Being a business owner is not easy and, in most cases, can be quite lonely. If you are a relatively new business owner you may be asking yourself, am I doing this right? What can I do better?

More mature business owner’s may be questioning how to alleviate or minimise frustrations, and simply asking how can I take my business to the next level and explore new opportunities?

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